All About Bags


There is probably only one accessory that comes close to the love ladies have for shoes and that’s a bag. It is one thing that every lady will carry with her no matter what she is wearing. And by bag I mean everything or anything from a small wallet to a suitcase. We just don’t like to walk around empty handed. Lets just say that’s how prepared we are.

Bags Galore

Welcome to rags to bags, where I talk about my love for crafting and the creative process.We’ll start off with my recent favorite thing to make. Like the really cool title suggests; I’am into making bags right now. I’am totally fascinated by it. Messenger bag, clutch, purse, coin purse…You name it and this here sister will most probably figure out a way to make it.

Ever since I was little, making things from scratch always got me going. I absolutely love the idea of taking things which are otherwise ordinary and turning them into beautiful pieces of art if we may call them that.
So how about we get right to it then?


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