The Messenger sequel


Hey ya’ll everyone good? We caught up yet? Ok! Good! Good!…Now that we are done with the formalities, how’s about we dive right into it. 🙂
Wow I must say that this bag was an absolute labour of love (emphasis on labour). After my practice bag, this was a great success by the way. I thought I really had this one in the ‘bag’ (pun intended). But alas it was not so! The pockets on the side for some stupid reason didn’t fit as measured.

The corners were a serious pain to do with my steadfast but often old school sewing machine who I’ve endearingly nicknamed ‘the dude’…that’s a story for another day. So as I was saying, I ended up hand stitching those bad boys one corner at a time. Then the leather accents refused to align so they were a bit off symmetry…to mention but a few more issues I had to go through. This is why I need to buy some good rulers, my tape measure and twelve inch ruler are not cutting it anymore. 🙂


All I can say with great pleasure that once it was done, as a whole, it turned out to be one of my best and favorite bags I’ve done thus far. An added bonus, the client I made it for loved it and none of my mistakes made less of an impact. All the glory of course goes to my heavenly father whose grace has proven to be more than sufficient and who I dedicate this blog to. Welcome all I’m Evie the Skivee and let me take you on a bag journey where you see a part of my life through the bags I make. We’ll talk about stuff, laugh about stuff and make stuff till our pretty, little fingers fall off!



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