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Seriously Crochet !!



Today I would like to highlight my first love in craft. Crotchet!.

I first fell in love with crotchet 5 years ago just when I got my first .Ageno. It was a trying time being a mother for the first time and it was also a time of self discovery. My need to improve myself and learn new things led me one day to google crochet and there an amazing world of colours string and hooks was opened to me.

I love to crotchet because to me it is like a special language, a special code, a way for people to express what is inside and create amazing things. Gosh,I could drone on all day if anyone let me. The versatility of crochet is what captivates, actually. How you can make just about anything with it. The possibilities are limitless as your imagination.from the simple booties, hats and scarves, to playgrounds made only of crotchet ! to doilies (which were very popular with our mothers and what we know as vitambas ) to bags, shoes, seriously limitless!.


Ok, I will admit for the longest time that crochet was one of the the last things I took seriously. Crotchet was knitting and knitting was crotchet in my world. Then came this evening not so long ago from today, I was poking fun, pun intended, at Evie about it. She had been encouraging me to take up crotchet. and her best pitch until then was, “Dudes are actually really good at this’. Ridiculous right?.” So what do you see in this”. I was still unconvinced. Then she goes on to explain how she sees fractals in the patterns she’s ‘crotcheting’. It took me while to pick what was left of my jaw from the floor. ‘You see fractals when you are crotcheting!?” now I was intrigued. Imagine that if you can and if you don’t know what a fractal is then you’ve got some homework to do…Am now thinking of signing up for classes, seriously fractals?.

P.S. I still have enough humble pie left if anyone is interested.

Written by:
Evietheskivee & Bonnythecrony